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What to expect:

Before Your Visit

Intake Form

Upon booking your appointment you will need to fill out our online intake form and provide details of any concerns you may have.

In the Treatment Room

Review Intake Form

Discuss Accommodations

if needed

Your therapist will review the information provided on the intake form with you when you come in, to ensure a tailored and safe massage experience.

Please detail information including any recent accident, injuries, surgeries, biopsies or oncology treatment. Also, inform us of you are currently being monitored by a health physician for any health conditions or are currently pregnant.

Please note that Massage and Stretch Therapy may be contraindicated for certain health conditions and or we may need the approval of your physician for treatment.

During the Session

and Communication

During the massage session, clients may choose to undress to their level of comfort. In Stretch sessions you will remain clothed.

Sheets will be provided to ensure client comfort and modesty during the massage. Draping is done conservatively to maintain professionalism and respect client boundaries.

Throughout your session, clients are encouraged to communicate any preferences, discomfort, or feedback to their therapist.

Our therapists prioritize open communication to ensure the treatment meets the client's needs and expectations.

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