What to expect.

If you have never received holistic therapy, you might not know what to expect on your first visit.  During your session you can expect to feel relaxed and comfortable, while receiving the treatment necessary to meet your specific needs. Your therapist will have you complete a Health Intake Form which will be provided via email to be brought into your session or you may arrive early to complete the form in the office. This form will ask general information about your health history, any recent injuries, along with any goals you have for your session. The Health Intake Form will help your therapist to properly care for you and to provide treatment that will be tailored with a holistic understanding of your health.
Although, holistic therapy is not a replacement for medical advice or treatment, it is certainly a path many take as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of injury, improve a sense of well being and reduce stress, both in body and mind. You can count on your therapist to take the time to hear your story and address your concerns professionally.

On the Table.

Once you've completed your Intake Forms your therapist will advise to prepare for treatment. Depending on the treatment selected, you may be asked to undress to your comfort level. If you prefer to stay clothed, your therapist will simply work over your clothing. However, some treatments cannot be performed as they may require skin contact, such as Swedish Massage Therapy. While on the table, you will be fully and conservatively draped. You will not have to worry about any sort of uncomfortable exposure as the only areas that will be uncovered will be areas that are being worked on.
If you are prone to getting a chill, the table will be heated and you will be covered with a blanket.

Pain & Pressure.

Many people are under the misconception that pain equals results. However, our goals are not to induce pain, but rather to reduce pain. That's not to say that you won't feel a little bit of pain. But it should be a good pain. The kind that 'hurts so good', to quote many of our clients. Your therapist is going to take the proper direction to effectively reduce your pain. Working into trigger points, relaxing taught muscle bands and stretching muscle fibers to allow more blood flow circulation, which will increase the bodies own abilities to heal itself. This is the approach and the intention taken when treating our clients. Every touch is approached with intention & confidence to insure that your massage is effective and feels good too!


When your therapist is working on you, she will continually engage with you to insure that you are comfortable and happy. So expect your therapist to be engaged with you. For example, she might use a pain scale so that she can determine that the correct amount of pressure is being applied. She may check with you during a stretch or while working near more sensitive areas. She might even ask you take a deep breath during the more deeper work. But at all times, you will have your therapists full attention.


All clients will be required to fill out a health intake form and Covid19 Screening Questionnaire.  A health intake form will insure that you are properly treated.
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