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Elevating Wellness thru Massage and Stretch Therapy

Wellness and Health for those in high stress work environments and active lifestyles


We recognize that everybody is different and that your needs will be different than the next person. At Azure Therapeutic Massage you will be given the opportunity to share your journey, as we believe communication is a must. Your therapist will always encourage you to dialogue and discuss what your concerns are.

                                                      LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!

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Concerned about Covid19?

Don't Worry, we got it covered. You will be in a clean private suite  with very little traffic. Also, your massage therapist is Vaccinated and will be masked.



If you are weightlifting, boxing or doing any other active training, massage will definitely benefit you!

Looking to improve your performance?

Massage has shown to reduce recovery time, increase focus and stimulate muscle tissue to improve the overall strength potential.


Tired of being in pain?

Regularly receiving massage has shown to reduce inflammation in muscle tissue and in the joints.

Manage your pain with massage therapy and be reminded of what it feels like to live pain free.


Oftentimes being under a lot of pressure can result in sleepless nights and racing thoughts.

Sound familiar?

Many have reported sleeping thru the night undisturbed, after receiving Massage.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself falling asleep on the table, as your drift into blissful relaxation.


Practicing Mindfulness may not always come easy and sometimes getting grounded can take some time.

Receiving regular massage can help you connect with your breath and allow your mind to slow down and become more at peace.

Guided Meditation and Rei-Ki Healing are available!

Invest in yourself today & choosing wellness.

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Priscilla's knowledge, experience and professionalism will make you very happy you scheduled a visit with her!  If you live an active lifestyle or have problems related to repetitive motion or bad ergonomics, she can provide results!  Priscilla has even followed up with me after the appointments to provide additional stretching and preventative techniques, videos or links to help me improve.  Her suite is super clean and very comfortable.  Priscilla is definitely my "one stop muscle shop!"

-Robin R.

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