What is a Massage Therapist?

Massage Therapist use massage to manipulate the soft tissue of the body to reduce muscle tension and anxiety. Some common massage techniques used are compression, kneading and stretching. The qualifications to become a massage therapist in California is a minimum of 500 education hours, a certification thru the California Massage Therapy Council and the passing of the Massage and BodyWork Licensing Exam(MBLEX).

Topics such as anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology are all studied so that the Massage Therapist has a well rounded understanding of the human body and can determine the best approach to meet their clients needs.

Some modalities offered by massage therapist are, but not limited to, Sports Massage, MFT, also known as Myofacial Therapy, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre & Post Natal Massage, and Reflexology. Each one different in technique and approach. Some focus more on activating muscle tissue, others emphasize on releasing muscle adhesions, while, for example, Swedish stimulates blood flow and promotes relaxation.

If you currently don't have a massage therapist, please consider contacting Azure Therapeutic Massage today to begin your journey to health and wellness.

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